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Vibration welders 

Vibration Welding is a highly reliable process that can handle large parts in challenging materials or multiple parts per cycle with ease. Engineered to be tough, dependable and provide years of troublefree service, Dukane’s Advanced Vibration Welders are built for the long haul.


5500 small  

Optional Tooling Accessories

  • Micrometer adjustment of X-Y position.
  • Roller bearing system for ease of tool changes.
  • Mechanical camlock slides.
  • Tool recognition.
  • Quick change plate.


Vibration Tooling

  • High quality tooling built in-house where stringent quality control is supported by Dukane technical personnel.
  • All tools undergo center of mass and drag analysis to ensure optimum running efficiency.
  • Consistent urethane coating thickness is achieved by casting to CAD models.
  • Design reviews are a Dukane hallmark, ensuring customer requirements are met before cutting steel.
  • Project engineers provide accurate timelines and progress reports are required.



Vibration Welders Information

Type Lift table size   Upper tool weight
5500 991 x 455 mm   23 - 40 kg
5700 1320 x 610 mm   40 - 68 kg
5700 LPT6 1320 x 610 mm   27 - 81 kg
5900 1829 x 610 mm   50 - 90 kg