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The iQ series generators are all built around our patented digital design. Compact in size, they provide the highest power density in the smallest package, while incorporating our exclusive flow through cooling. These generators are designed to handle the toughest applications and environments, capable of operating either in continuous duty or high-speed automation. Our industry leading 0.5 millisecond multicore processing speed provides the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. The unique modular design allows for custom configurations and ultimate flexibility. This series is compatible with all your current Dukane hand probes, automation probes and converters.



Digital Features

  • 100% digital control of all power supply functions and parameters allows for unique configurations and future upgrades or requirements. Includes digital frequency synthesis.
  • Industry leading data acquisition rate speed of 0.5 ms due to advanced multi-core architecture. Increased weld accuracy and repeatability.
  • Three step system safe power up sequence:
  • 1) AC power inrush protection
    2) Supervisory System Monitor
    3) Plug and Play configuration ID.

  • Digi-Trac tuning automatically tracks the resonant frequency digitally. Adjust the output frequency to match the acoustic stack (sonotrode, booster, and transducer) this is done for every weld cycle and eliminates the need to manually tune the generator.
  • Ultrasonic overload protection, with detailed fault description for ease of troubleshooting. The overload power limit is based on true RMS power output level.
  • Line Voltage Regulation compensates for line fluctuations assuring consistent amplitude.
  • Temperature Drift Compensation allows for seamless acoustic stack operation, and automatically compensates for acoustic stack temperature changes.
  • Patented Pulse-Width Modulation design delivers power more efficiently with substantially less stress on the electrical and acoustic components for superior performance, reliability and extended life.
  • Linear Ramp Up (Soft-start) algorithm brings the acoustic stack to operating amplitude smoothly, minimizing start-up surges and abnormal stress to the stack and power supply.
  • Load Regulation provides constant ultrasound amplitude automatically regardless of the power draw. The ultrasonic output amplitude level is held to within 1%, to provide weld process consistency and reduced weld cycle times.
  • Easy Fault is exclusive to iQ power supplies. System faults and alarms prompt a fault code. (i.e U501) Enter that code at www.dukane.com/easyfault and the easy fault search will provide additional tips and process improvement information. Thus expediting fault/alarm solutions and reducing down time.