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iQ Mini Servo

Our patented, 100% digitally controlled generator, ultra-rigid Mini press, coupled with the iQ Explorer user-interface provide superior accuracy and ease of use. The generators have new multi-core processor technology that allows them to operate at a processing rate of .5 milliseconds.


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Micro Industry



Small Parts Sometimes Require BIG Solutions

Across many industries and applications, ultrasonic plastic welding has become synonymous with fast, accurate and reliable bonding of composites. It is therefore, sometimes easy to forget about the expense and troubles of adhesive bonding and assembly techniques. In the last few years we have been reminded that standard pneumatic oriented ultrasonic welders were not a viable solution for everyone, particularly those customers making parts weighing only fractions of a gram. This left producers of micro-components with few options. That was before the Dukane iQ ServoWeld™




(above) An example of a sonotrode used in a micro industry and its detail on a left side.


Is this a Feasible Solution for My Product?

If your part is made of a thermoplastic material, has been or can be designed to have an ultrasonic joint and is large enough to see without magnification, we may have good news for you. Please contact one of our Application Engineers for an evaluation of your product at no charge.