DUKANE // Ultrasonic Welding and Cutting // Medical

One step cut and weld. (see the video)


Unparallelled Control of Motion

  • Possible to weld parts as small as 3.5mm diameter
  • Positioning with as low as 1um tolerance
  • All aspects of motion are fully programmable
  • Part to part variation is virtually eliminated
  • Stronger bonds, reduced stress and better aesthetics

Regulatory Compliance

  • Title 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Process change audit history and documentation
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Unique device identification
  • No operator accessible adjustment, knobs or controls
  • All mechanical changes require a unique tool
  • Eliminates pneumatic exhaust, clean room friendly
  • Data capture and analysis, export in all common formats
  • Simplified calibration and validation
  • Low energy compliant 


Global Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Plastics are a ubiquitous part of the world we live in. Today's medical devices, disposables, instruments, filters and peripherals rely on the flexibility and enhanced value of modern thermoplastic materials. With nearly half a century's experience in ultrasonically bonding and cutting plastics, Dukane has always been a trusted supplier to the world's most prestigious companies.

As a medical manufacturer you need accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Customers expect it and the regulatory environment demands it.