DUKANE // Ultrasonic Welding and Cutting // Food

What are the advantages of ultrasonic food processing?

  • Cleaner, repeatable and more consistent slits and cuts
  • Substantially reduced down time for clean up
  • Outstanding cut aesthetics for multi-layered and delicate products (cakes, sandwiches, baked goods, layered chees and pate products).
  • Wider cutting temperature range
  • Cuts cleanly through various densities and consistencies of products with filler materials (nuts, sultanas, fruit pieces, chocolate chips,etc.)
  • Cuts edges cleanly without pinching, compressing or feathering for higher yield in packaging
  • Cutting speeds can be increased substantially
  • Ease of use - uncomplicated and user friendly.
  • Flexibility in adapting the Dukane Food Cutting equipment to existing conventional slitting and cutting equipment.



Products Designed for Food,
not just an afterthought.

For nearly three decades Dukane has been the world leader in ultrasonic food cutting technology. Now a widely used, proven technology, titanium “guillotine” blades are crafted from food safe titanium and employ the latest FEA design technology for trouble free operation and reliability. Our cables are connected with certified stainless mil spec at IP 69K ratings,  specifically chosen for their durability and reliability in demanding food industry conditions.



Ultrasonic Food Processing

Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife (guillotine) producing a nearly frictionless surface to which food products do not stick nor deform. The surface cleanly cuts or slits products including fillers such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate morsels without displacement or ploughing. Ultrasonic cutting is used by many of the world’s largest and most prestigious food producers. It is safe, reliable and yields a higher quality finished product with minimized cleaning or production stops.




Food Products

Many factors influence the weldability of the various food types.

Cutting Cheese With Ultrasonic


Cheese Types
Virtually all types of cheese in all shapes may be cut successfully with ultrasonics. Very soft cheeses with high moisture content tend to be the most difficult while hard cheeses with high fat content work the best.

Cheese Details
Ultrasonic cutting will provide better aesthetic finishes, create less crumbling and damage and will reduce downtime due to cleanup or product sticking to the blade surface.

Cutting Paté With Ultrasonic


Paté Types
All types of patés and formed meat products may be cut successfully with ultrasonics. Usually product should be chilled to improve the process; however, each application is unique.


Paté Details
High quality aesthetics and reduced product sticking.


Cutting Bars With Ultrasonic


Bars Types
Formed and extruded bar products, as well as other, non-brittle confectionery products may be cut with excellent results. Nuts, raisins and other inclusions usually have little or no influence on the cutting process. Temperature and recipe play a large role in the success of nougat product cutting.

Bars Details

High quality aesthetics and reduced product sticking. We have special blades designed for low height, high sugar products.


Cutting Cakes With Ultrasonic


Cake Types
Multi-layer, multi-density cakes are the most common products in this category. Ultrasonics can provide outstanding, aesthetic cuts to high-value cake and bakery products.

Cake Details

High quality aesthetics and reduced product sticking. Soft creams and even inclusions such as nuts or raisins can be accommodated.


Cutting Sandwiches With Ultrasonic


Sandwiches Types
Baguette or square sandwiches can be effortlessly cut with ultrasonics. Meats, cheeses, vegetables can be cut evenly and cleanly without disturbing the layers or compressing the bread.

Sandwiches Details

Soft “rubbery” meats such as prosciutto or speck may not be compatible with ultrasonics.