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Door Panel - Ultrasonic Welding Demonstration

Watch the demonstration video here. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Engines and Beyond

If it has been welded on an automobile, chances are, we’ve done it. Our equipment offerings and technical capabilities allow us participate in everything from complex door panel solutions to hand-held welder “touch-ups” and EVERYTHING in between. Automotive companies of all tiers and sizes trust Dukane every day in virtually every corner of the world and for every assembly application. Let our experienced applications experts help you meet your automotive challenges!



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Ultrasonic Solutions


Automotive professionals know that the key to building successful supplier relationships is all about trust. Trust that your partner has the experience, technology, resources and commitment to see you through all of the phases of your project – design/concept, on-time delivery, implementation & operator training plus service and support for the lifetime of the equipment. At Dukane, this has been the foundation of our customer focused approach since 1922.


One World One Dukane

  • One Call - Dukane has company-operated, technical service locations worldwide. We speak the automotive language with local accent.
  • One standard, the world around - All machines are built to one standard in one location, Illinois USA.
  • One Stop - Multiple assembly technologies make us a single supplier.





Founded in Technology

Dukane was founded over 90 years ago with the goal to develop audio technologies for the benefit of society and industry. At that time many of the products that are assembled, using Dukane equipment today, weren’t even imagined yet. With numerous patents and awards, Dukane has led the world in ultrasonic plastic assembly for two generations.



Automotive Local

Dukane maintains direct, company-operated Application and Service Centers in most of the automotive manufacturing areas of the world. Our products are built to a single standard which means that all of our products are FULLY SUPPORTED, anywhere in the world that they may end up. Our global network of application engineers and service technicians are always ready to answer your needs and challenges. Automotive companies of all tiers trust Dukane in virtually every corner of the world and for virtually every assembly application. Let us help you meet your automotive challenges!


Service & Support

Dukane's Automotive Tech Center is the hub of our commitment to the auto industry. Not only does it give you immediate access to needed service and technical support, we also have back-up equipment to minimize downtime.


Door Panel Staking Ultrasonics
Parcel Shelves Weld Clips Ultrasonics / Vibration
Center Console Staking Ultrasonics / Vibration
Pillars Edge Wrap Ultrasonics
Lens To Mask Welding Ultrasonics / Vibration
Glovebox Welding Vibration / Hotplate
Speaker Housing Staking Ultrasonics
Foot Pads, Foot Mats Welding Ultrasonics
Sun Shields, Glass Container, Internal Lights Welding Ultrasonics
Dashboard Instruments Panels Welding Ultrasonics
Headlamps Welding Vibration
Tail Lamps Welding Vibration
PDC Sensor Welding   Ultrasonics
Reflectors Welding Vibration
Spoilers Welding Rotation
Bumper Welding Vibration / Hotplate
Grill/Badge Staking Vibration / Hotplate
Intake Manifold Welding Vibration
Washer Components Weld Clips Rotation
Carbon Canister Staking Vibration
Various Pipes Edge Wrap Rotation
Ventilation Ducts Welding Vibration / Rotation / Hotplate