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Aerospace welding

Precision Cutting of Carbon Fiber and other Aerospace Materials

As the world leader in Ultrasonic Cutting Technology, Dukane has been at the forefront of development within the Aerospace industry. We work with aerospace integrators to provide bespoke solutions for the cutting of many of the industries difficult and high-value materials. A wide selection of blades and cutting discs combined with our proprietary cutting systems makes Dukane the supplier of choice to many of the world's leading aerospace builders.


Aerospace Applications

Dukane welders create welds that equal the strength of the original material with clean and consistent operation. Processes include ultrasonic welding, fabric and film, vibration, spin, hot plate and metal welding as well as thermal press and platen thruster operations.

Airliner ventilation components, lighting components and pressure valves are possible applications of Dukane's plastics assembly equipment. Click here for assistance with your Ultrasonic application.