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Who We Are

Dukane Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer and marketer of advanced technology products. A privately held corporation for more than 80 years, Dukane is organized according to three divisions which offer such diverse products as audio visual presentation products and ultrasonic thermal and friction assembly systems. Dukanes principal manufacturing and distribution facility is located in the Chicago western suburb of St. Charles, Illinois.


Our Products and Technologies

Designs, manufactures and supplies advanced technology plastic welding solutions used in manufacturing operations throughout the major industrial regions of the world. In addition they develop and apply their high power ultrasonic technology to other industrial applications such as cutting tacky and abrasive materials, welding of metal components, sieving, and fluid processing. The division is headquartered in St. Chales, IL but has operations in Europe and China and factory trained sales and service representatives in the major industrial regions around the world.


Trade Names: : iQ, iQ LinQ, iQ Explorer, iQ Servo, iQ Dual Servo, iPosition, Melt Match, Dynamic Velocity Melt Initiation (DVMI), Dynamic Process Controller (DPC), IPC, UltraCom


Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing the most highly designed, reliable and appropriate solutions to all of the markets that we serve. We strive to build long-term trusting relationships with both our customers and suppliers through fairness, honesty and transparency in all of our dealings. We challenge ourselves and support our colleagues to continuously improve our skills, our products, our practices and our services so as to ensure that our customer’s stay productive and always benefit from their relationship with Dukane. We will treat you the way that we would like to be treated.



About Our Company


Dukane, Prague

Dukane USA

Ownership: Privately Held
Corporate Headquarters: St. Charles, Illinois USA
Number of Employees: 225
Financial: $40 million Annual Sales
Credit Rating: Dun & Bradstreet - 4A3
Certified: ISO9001