DUKANE // Ultrasonic Welding and Cutting // VWB4900 Welder



  • Electromechanical vibration head assembly (200-240Hz)
  • Super rigid four rail table slide system
  • One piece flame cut bridge (heaviest in class, in the industry)
  • Solid state 52hp digital vibration drive
  • Hydraulic lift/clamp force max. 5,500 lbs. (31,000 N), 20 gallon (75.6 L) reservoir
  • Allen-Bradley Compactlogix controller with add-on expansion available
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 700 full color touch screen HMI
  • Intuitive and interactive comprehensive help menu
  • Part parameter monitoring with programmable limits
  • Language capabilities, Engish and Spanish
  • Automatic tuning with auto ping mode
  • Programmable amplitude 0.020" to 0.080" (0.5 to 1.8 mm)
  • Weld by time or weld by distance (absolute or meltdown)
  • Interior work light
  • Optical zero force cycle activation switches
  • Light Curtain for single switch activation
  • Dual external utility outlets
  • Programmable amplitude and pressure profile, up to 5 steps



Vibration Welder 4900

1829mm x 610mm / 50-90 kg




  • Table size 1829mm x 610 mm (also max. tool size*)
  • Table opening 1470mm x 305 mm with max., depth 500 mm (except F/B center strip 75 mm wide with depth of 12 mm**
  • Upper tool weight 50-90kg
  • Low 41" (1040 mm) lift table height
  • 500 mm stroke, 630 mm max. daylight
  • Door opening 660mm high x 1931mm wide
  • Less than 80 dB in operation (continuous measurement)


app vibe small


  • Position adjustable cycle activation switches
  • Exterior work light
  • Customer-specified PLC and HMI interface (Siemens or Mitsubishi)
  • Custom paint per customer specification
  • Rear sliding door for pass-through operation
  • Programmable pneumatic clamp or eject valves and/or programmable part-in-place sensing
  • Custom quoted machines with non-standard: frame sizes, lift tables, stroke lengths, etc., using standard vibration heads available.


VWB4900 Data Sheet
Vibration Welder Data Sheet File
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Vibration Welding
Vibration Welding Documentation
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